Please sing along to the melody of West Side Story - I want to live in America:


Pay for me in A-mer-ica,
No need to WORK in A-mer-ica,
VOTE for freebies in A-mer-ica,
We also demand your lib-er-ty!


Give me a house in A-mer-ica,
Give me Obama Phone in A-mer-ica,
Give me Food in A-mer-ica,
Give me Social Sec-ur-ity!


Free Medical in A-mer-ica,
Free Education in A-mer-ica,
Chain Migration in A-mer-ica,
None of your laws apply to me


Drive Drunk in A-mer-ica,
Rape teens in A-mer-ica,
Gang Violence in A-mer-ica,
Come on in and join MS-13


Only speak Spanish in A-mer-ica,
Just Press #2 in A-mer-ica,
Only Vote Democrat in A-mer-ica,
You Gringos will ca-ter to me


Walk over the Border in A-mer-ica,
Take the Obama Plane to A-mer-ica,
Swim the Rio Grande to A-mer-ica,
No one will even notice me


You will pay for me in A-mer-ica,
Schools are crowded in A-mer-ica,
70 languages in A-mer-ica,
The U.S. will no longer suc-ceed


Please contact you representative and thank them for their continuous support for this invasion




The USA will pay for all of your needs. You do not even have to work! Just do not become a US citizen, otherwise, you WILL LOSE all of your ILLEGAL PRIVILEGE benefits.

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Disclaimer: The contents of this website is not advocating hostile feelings, or actions, toward illegal aliens (aka- “Undocumented Aliens”). These individuals deserve humane treatment and even as they are detected, detained and possibly, deported. The sole purpose of this website is to promote satire of the incompetence of the United States elected officials who have neglected to address the continuous flow of illegal aliens who have violated our current US immigration law. It is not entirely the fault of the Illegal alien since the Obama administration has been advertising and encouraging ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION to destroy the American Cultures, Traditions, and financially collapse the government, as referenced in Saul Alinksky’s -Rules for Radicals. Obama IS transforming America.