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This webpage is dedicated to links to other great websites. There even are a few links for illegals to get a head start on getting their earned Illegal Pivilege. Please take a look at some of these links.


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Illegal Privilige Links (Free Stuff)

Great Links regarding Immigration

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Illegal Privilige Links (Free Stuff)

We would like to assist the Illegal Privilge class in registering for some the free entitlements

(Enlaces Privilige ilegales. Cosas Gratis)


---------> How to apply for FREE stuff (Cómo solicitar la materia LIBRE) <---------

How to get Money from the USA (Cómo conseguir dinero de los EE.UU)

How to Get Food EBT card (Cómo obtener la Alimentación EBT)

How to Get a drivers license (Cómo obtener una licencia de conducir)

How to Get Citizenship (Cómo obtener la ciudadanía)

How to Cross the USA / Mexico Border (Cómo Cruzar el EE.UU. / México Frontera)

Locate a relative (Busque un pariente)

Sign up for a Democratic Sponsor (Inscríbete en un patrocinador Democrática)



Great Links regarding Immigration

Expand your knowledge and visit these sites

------------------ Informative Illegal Immigration Sites--------------------

How many Illegals are in your state -
FAIR - Federation for American Immigration Reform (

Illegal Immigration Numbers -
Numbers USA For Lowering Immigration Levels (

Patriot Immigration Reform -
Public Immigration Reform (

Anti-Illegal Alien Site -
IllegalAliens - to provide information on illegal immigration prevention, enforcement, and attrition (

Americans for Legal immigration PAC - (

Report an Illegal Alien, Aka Illegal Privileged Individual -
Americans t (

Does your representative support illegal immigration? -
Alipac (

Protect US Workers Rights - Where you replaced by an illegal, or H1B1 worker -
Protect US Workers - stop-the-abuse of H1B & other foreign workers programs (

George Soros Liberal Front Organizations-
Georgie (

Find US on Facebook-
FaceBook (



Great news Sites

Gain more knowledge by visiting these internet news sites

News -
Daily Caller (

News -
Breitbart (

News -
World Net Daily (

News -
Truth Revolt (



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How to Cross the USA / Mexico Border (Cómo Cruzar el EE.UU. / México Frontera)



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Disclaimer: The contents of this website is not advocating hostile feelings, or actions, toward illegal aliens (aka- “Undocumented Aliens”). These individuals deserve humane treatment and even as they are detected, detained and possibly, deported. The sole purpose of this website is to promote satire of the incompetence of the United States elected officials who have neglected to address the continuous flow of illegal aliens who have violated our current US immigration law. It is not entirely the fault of the Illegal alien since the Obama administration has been advertising and encouraging ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION to destroy the American Cultures, Traditions, and financially collapse the government, as referenced in Saul Alinksky’s -Rules for Radicals. Obama IS transforming America.